Arab Gulf Polish Business Club

Arab Gulf Polish Business Club is an association, which supports and promotes trade and investment between Poland and the Middle East. Arab Gulf Polish Business Club aimes to be a leading Club with the highest ethical standards that will provide exceptional values for its members.

Arab Gulf Polish Business Club aims to play a leading role in representing interests of Club’s members in the markets of the Central-Eastern Europe and the Middle East countries. The over all aim is an economic integration implemented through networking actions, investment-search support, investor-search support, legal and tax advice, integration of members, business meetings, professional consulting. The Club is the owner of an investment fund created to support all activities of Club’s Members. The Club works closely with public authorities and institutions to promote investment and international trade.

WHY Emirates?

Current law in the Emirates creates perfect conditions for foreign investments. Entrepreneurs and international companies can benefit from tax breaks and develop their business in a country that guarantees a safe and stable business environment, without the risk of sudden changes. To facilitate foreign investments and start-up operations, many special economic zones were created with numerous incentives for investors and an ideal infrastructure for business.


Foreign investors point to a significant improvement in Poland's investment attractiveness in recent years and forecast its growth in the following years. International reports emphasize the economic stability of our country, educated and competent staff and a large internal market. The assessment of the investment climate by foreign entrepreneurs is getting better year by year. More and more international corporations and smaller enterprises choose Poland as the location of their new investments.